Publications of the University of Trento

Publications of the University of Trento, where at least one author currently works in the University (at the date of modification of the dataset). Publications stored in the IRIS archive of the University research database are reported (

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Metadati del Dataset

Identificativo del dataset UNSTTREN:e1b609a2-072e-4bd5-96f6-449bd340ae2a
Altro identificativo N/A
Temi del dataset Istruzione, cultura e sport
3206 istruzione
Editore del Dataset Nome: Università di Trento
Data di rilascio 20-02-2020
Data di modifica 04-07-2022
Copertura Geografica Trento
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Lingue del dataset inglese
Estensione temporale N/A
Titolare Nome: Università di Trento
Frequenza di aggiornamento quotidiano
Versione di N/A
Autore N/A

Descrizione Campi

[Attribute names are taken from Dublin Core:] type: the type of publication (for instance “journal paper”, “conference paper”, …) || title: the title of the publication || abstract: a summary of the publication content || issued: date of publication; 9999 is used to indicate “in press” || language: language of publication, for instance “Italian” || creator: the list of people who authored the publication and currently working at the University; the name ("givenName"), the surname ("familyName") and the identifier of the person ("identifier") are provided || file: list of files in Open Access ("openAccess" field which always has "true" value) associated with the publication; the file name ("filename"), the link to the file within the University archive ("identifier"), the file format that usually corresponds to PDF ("format"), the file version ("type", for example "editorial version"), the type of license ("rights", for example "all rights reserved") || bibliographicCitation: the bibliographic citation.

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